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11 April 2008

nobody's reading this but then again it is spring.

Or: What A Little Booze and Sunshine Can Do.

Also or: A New List of Addictions.

As of today, Friday, April 11, exactly three months and 11 days since I landed in Frankfurt and exactly 2 months and 20-odd days before I return to Patriotic Soil, I am addicted to the following (in addition to cigarettes but I'm not going to list those unless I already did whoops):

Crackers: I'm on what I like to call The Cracker Diet. Crackers are cheap. Crackers do not go bad, at least not as dramatically as bread does. Crackers are also delicious with just about anything, such as cheese, honey, and more cheese. Also, cheese. I have apertifs for dinner. I'd like to amend my earlier statement about the Horrors of Dining Alone by adding that this experience is only dreadful when in the greater social context of A Restaurant. When it's in a Kitchen with Food You Prepared Yourself Even If It's Only Crackers and Cheese Again Because You Are Pretending to Be An Adult Now, it's glorious.

Doodling: Yes I could be paying attention and learning some German but I would much rather draw tiny caricatures of myself dressed like Robin and horribly drunk. I'm getting fairly good at it, too.

SUNSHINE AND NICE WEATHER: Makes a load of difference. This is Minor-Field, beer in the afternoon, laze away outside weather, when lying on some grass is an activity that can occupy most of the day. It's great. In fact, that's where I'm going now, before we reconvene for THE THIRD MAN TOUR which is going to actually explode my mind.

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Anonymous said...

oh sister sister your subject headings are so self-pitying. you should sit in lotus and think about me and bunnies and other happy things.