letting the days go by.

21 February 2008

pear nectar, too.

A List Of Good Things That Were They Were Bananas, I'd Have A Whole Damn Bunch, And Then I Would Make A Banana-and-Nutella-on-Toast-Sandwich Which If You Haven't Ever Had Is Delicious Beyond Description, I Highly Recommended It:

(otherwise this entry will be, unsurprisingly, utterly incoherent)

I. Feeding Ducks. Today marks the second day I've gone down to the river in the afternoon, bearing some stolen Brotchens from breakfast, and made friends with the fleet of ducks who go about their duckly business right by one of Schwaeb's many covered bridges. What is there not to love about duck-feeding? GAR NICHTS, that's what. The trick is to feed the ducks without feeding the pesky flock of pigeons that invariably swoop down and peck at your sneakers. All in all, something I plan on doing as often as possible.

II. GOING TO VIENNA IN ONE WEEK. How did that happen? Two months already? But it's true - one week from today, we're shipping off to Austria. And then two weeks later, it's Spring Break. And then three little months of Vienna. And then July. Damn!

III. The Third Man. We're having a private screening of it tomorrow evening and I cannot wait. While we were in a Central Abroad meeting to plan for our internships, I happened to glance over and see my own info-sheet, and there, under how much German I'd studied in the past and what my professional goals were, it said: Third-Man-addict. Das stimmt. A lot.

IV. The ridiculous show I'm seeing the day we get to Vienna: Frog Eyes (who I'll actually get to see this time, considering last time I had to bolt back to the train station to make it home to Hyde Park), Deerhoof, Six Organs of Admittance, Dirty Projects, and Final Fantasy. The Canadian with the violin, not the video game. The line-up is ridiculous and I am crazy amped.

V. Remembering, after forgetting, as I inevitably do, how actually insane it is that we speak only German for 5 hours every day and it makes perfect sense. Right now I feel like I'm flirting with fluency, and it's a dangerous affair to have - because someday I will be old and on an island and surrounded by dogs and think, "Once I knew German. No longer." And then I will be filled with regret. But MAN The Never-Ending Story auf Deutsch is HARD TO READ. I've made solid progress on "The Little Owl," though. And I've watched every Little Bear and Little Tiger video that the Mediothek has.

VI. Banana-and-Nutella-Sandwiches-on-Toast. SELF-EXPLANATORY.

VII. Getting crazy amounts of writing done, despite depriving myself of smokes and consequently still coughing all the time. High five!

Speaking of which, I ought to be a human being and go out into the Schwaebian Streets and, I don't know, seek some adventure or something. GENAU.


365poems said...

I have bananas! and nutella! and toast! do you heat up any of the above first, or do you just smack it all on and chomp? the next time we meet, I'll have accumulated so much experience in the kitchen and I will toast you something damn tasty.

I had planned a long time ago on commenting on that post you wrote titled "quatsch" with a quick note about how in the Zen tradition a senior monk would often spontaneously yell "kwatz!" at a monk in training either to elicit a spontaneous response or to commend the monk or sometimes just for fun. I thought it was a clever connection, but it would've seemed like a stupid comment to post without anything more substantial to add to it.

john espinoza just called me and he's getting married in november! to some hot little 16-year-old slip of a thing! (no, not really, but marriage, yes, yes).

that is all.

-henricus californicus


G. said...

OH MY GOSH I saw The Third Man for the first time in my life this summer at the MoMA, and it was indeed super amazing. The perfect film noir, I think.

When I think of Vienna, I think of Mozart and marzipan.