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07 February 2008

Mister Rochester strikes again!

MAN I did not want this to turn into my old livejournal, which I diligently and angstily kept for a number of years, but, as I have learned, I cannot escape myself and so I am both taking a poll and going to use bullet points.

A) PUBLIC POLL: Rachel and tattoo. Reasonable? Rational? Would not happen until many months later, not until I'm home definitely. Also would perhaps be a reward for some thing like getting the hell in shape. Considering. Inside of my wrist. Important message. Very tempting. Pros: Badassery? Cons: Pain and more pain. Also, losing all rights to making fun of my brother's tattoo. Also, it's a tattoo. Do tattoos get you laid? I have no idea.

B) The number of inside jokes we have here is quickly skyrocketing and the levels of absurdity are peaking. We've been here all of a month and a week - things are looking bad in terms of my normalcy. I'm just warning you, if I shout "IT'S ME MISTER ROCHESTER" there's a reason. I have quite the repertoire of faces at this point. Adding to the current collection of Roller Coaster, Creepy Genie, Chinese Dragon, and Mysterious. Which could also be the names of types of weed.

C) Realizations: Much of study abroad is learning to cope with my chin. Or rather, chins. Because we take a lot of photographs and I don't have time to compose myself. EXCEPT for today, we went to the the Field On A Mountain and all photos are incredible in that spot, which I'm fairly sure is now my favorite place in the entire world.

This entry is pretty much nonsense, I know, but I haven't got any homework again and Schwaebs feels so damn normal nowadays. Our classes switched - no more Terada-san, but now I have Walter, the graying Irishman with the bluest eyes I've ever seen, and of course Tomstable and Robinson. 11 p.m. is way past my bedtime, considering Annie just shouted "Surprise" though she's been sitting in the next chair over for about an hour now and I got frightened.


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