letting the days go by.

05 January 2008

we all bought nutella.

Elisabet: "What should we do with these noodles?"

Rob: "Throw them in the air and shout NOODLES!"


At the Goethe Institut here in Schwaebish Hall, we get free breakfasts and lunches Monday through Friday, but we're on our own for the weekends, so tonight, after our day trip to Bavaria (nicht Munich) to see the Neuschwanstein, we hiked down to the Supermarkt and made a lovely little dinner - spaghetti, strawberries, Nutella, beer and wine. It was delicious and adorable - so I am making friends, believe it or not. We have a little gang, and tomorrow we're headed to the park to go hunt down a castle. It's a lot like writing camp at this point - these kids remind me of the Mercks - and a little like my Italy trip in 2005 - because there's a fair number of Americans who would rather stay in the dorm watching South Park than go down to the river. Mini-golf is closed until Spring, but we might ford the river and go anyway.

GERMANY LOVES CASTLES. What Germany doesn't love: normal-tasting water, even without bubbles. But the coffee's good, the beer is cheap and ever-flowing, so I can't really complain. And Nutella. Always Nutella. Today, we loaded onto a bus to find the Neuschwanstein, which is this gorgeous, fairytale castle on top of a mountain in the middle of the Alps (the ALPS!!!). Unfortunately, it really is on the top of this mountain, and I damn near died on the way up. The interior is all decadence and gold-leaf, completely surpassed by the views outside (the ALPS!!!). So we climbed an Alp, took 8000 photographs (including jumping photos!!!), and had some fried dough "Snowballs" on the way down - not my idea, honestly.

Coming back was a little odd, because it did feel a bit like coming home. The other Central Abroad kids are quickly feeling like a replacement friend circle, and it's odd to think they're not the kids I go to school with or go bowling with in Tulsa. And tomorrow will be strange, because we don't have to wake up for anything - a day to wander, write, and yeah, do some homework. But Schwaebisch Hall looks like a Christmas card, the cold is not as severe as at Hamilton, and I'm already having trouble phrasing things in English.

Alles sind gut.


Matthew said...

i eat nutella by the spoonfull! you should, too!

Megan said...

Nothing wrong with days filled with wine, beer, and nutella. As long as it lacks hydrogenated oil. Stupid American death nutella.

Anonymous said...

They're like the Mercks?!?!


HERETIC!!! May you drown face down in your lager.


Anonymous said...

yo i've been to neuschwanstein twice. were you also freaked out by the fact that ludwig's bed was topped with and ENTIRE KINGDOM? who'd be able to sleep with the thought of all those tiny people creeping around upstairs??

-rory, who has already forgotten the password for her google account she made exclusively to read these abroad blog deals.